Wednesday, February 10, 2010

...when Daddy gets a job

There's been a running joke around here the last few weeks. "We'll do that when Daddy gets a job."

Emma wants to paint her room. "We'll do that when Daddy gets a job."

The boys want to go to Six Flags. "We'll do that when Daddy gets a job."

We'd like to take a vacation. "We'll do that when Daddy gets a job."

The great thing is that all of the things we joke about are just wants...extras and fluff. Our needs are being supplied by our amazing God and that's all that matters. He really does take care of His kids.

But, Mommy really would like a pedicure. I believe that might fall under the "needs" category don't you think?

Oh well..."We'll do that when Daddy gets a job." Trust me, I got that one in writing.

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  1. Judy Jennings BedfordFebruary 20, 2010 at 11:30 AM

    This post REALLY hit home! "When Daddy gets a job" was a frequent phrase for us when we went through a season of unemployment last year (all of last year!). But like your family, many great lessons (mostly frugal ones!) were learned that we cherish now that the times are "fatter".

    Thanks for sharing your journey. So many families are facing the same situation.

    Your (new HS)Friend,
    Judy Jennings Bedford


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