Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Seasons of change

I am not the winter lovin' type. Growing up in the northwest there were numerous opportunities for winter sports. I skied some growing up, but when Mike and I met/married he had no interest. He played tennis...which is hard to do when the court is covered with snow. Needless to say neither of us care much for cold weather.

Though winter is not my favorite, I do enjoy the four distinct seasons. Watching for the first crocus to pop its little head through the snow. Seeing who can spot the first tree brandishing a fiery coat. While I may enjoy some seasons more than others, I love the fact that each is unique. Just when I begin to grow accustomed to one, its time to move on.

Life is a compilation of seasons. Some are short, others long. Some come in like a mighty blizzard, knocking us to the ground unexpectedly, while others enter quietly and without fanfare, like the tiny purple crocus. Each season brings with it an opportunity for growth and change. Though I thank God daily my season with depression is over, there was so much I learned through it all that I can't help but be thankful. We are currently facing a season of unemployment. While I hope it is a short one, I know there are lessons to be learned. My prayer is that by the power of the Holy Spirit we will grab hold of all He has to teach us, appreciating this season as a part of His master plan.


  1. I just recently found your blog and bookmarked it. I've been looking for other blogging Believers. I'm so glad I found you!

    This post has really ministered to me. I'm going thru a season of illness with an auto-immune problem. It's nice to know that it will be over and another season will take it's place!
    Thank you also, for reminding me to Thank God in the troubles too. Sometimes I forget to.

    May you be richly blessed today!

  2. One thing I've learned in my 54 years is that things always change, that this, too, shall pass. My husband and I have both been laid off several times, one time at the same time, but I have a peace about my seasons because I know God has my best interest in heart.

    Hi. I found you through Texas Blogging Gals and came by to say hello. You can find me at www.lonestarlifer.wordpress.com, so come by and say howdy sometime.

  3. Did you take that GORGEOUS picture of the snow?! So pretty.

    Your thoughts about the seasons of life are so on point. I think about this a lot. Right now, I'm experiencing a lot of happiness and good fortune and I spend so much of my energy concerned and worried about what the future holds. Like, somehow this cannot last forever. Which is a dumb line of thinking, I know.

    No matter what is going on in our lives, I agree that there is something to be learned from what we're going through. Your post is a good reminder.

    I will send good thoughts your way concerning your employment issues. Hopefully, with the spring comes new opportunities!



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