Sunday, December 27, 2009

Purposeful parenting - whistle optional

We're a competitive family. Actually, that's a slight understatement. Football smack talk, Wii challenges...heck, even Go Fish can turn into something just shy of a brawl. I won't say exactly where the kids get their competitiveness, except to say that Dad's the one upstairs playing Wii right now. I usually just wear the black and white striped shirt and carry a think I'm joking.

In the midst of it all are some great opportunities to teach life lessons - being a gracious winner and loser, encouraging one another, not taking it so seriously. Every day poses opportunities to show our kids what it means to live life, with all its ups and downs, in a way that honors the Lord. I think the problems happen when we expect our kids to learn the lessons on their own. Parenting must be intentional. I have to purpose to show them how to be competitive without being hurtful. How to work through a conflict rather than becoming angry and bitter. How to put others before themselves when our selfishness says, "me first!".

Being competitive is OK, it's the attitude behind it that needs to be guarded. Why do you think I wear a whistle?

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