Monday, November 9, 2009

Utterly random thoughts that might somehow explain my absence...

Just for the record, file this one under "completely random thoughts".

It's been a busy fall, but I'm sure the two readers I have left can attest to that fact. A trip to Idaho to visit family and friends kicked things off in September. Though exhausting, it was good to see everyone again. We followed that up with a trip two weeks later to Colorado for Ash and Rajeev's amazing wedding. "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord...plans to give you a future and a hope" - a quintessential wedding set in the CO mountains was the perfect embodiment of God's promise.

Amongst all the coming and going there was school to be done, too many church activities to count, football practice and games, along with the ins and outs of a family of six. Despite how it all sounds, I am getting better at saying "no"...really, I am.

Emma turned five and lost her first tooth. Football is winding down. One more playoff game and hopefully a trip for Connor to the Superbowl. Yes, football in Texas is apparently a big deal. Basketball season has started up and games begin next week. Hosting Thanksgiving here in a couple of weeks, along with Austin's 13th birthday party. Any idea how much pizza five 13 year old boys can consume?

Oh, did I mention it's only 46 until Christmas. I.will.not.panic!


  1. Reader #1 reporting in. ;)

    I love the google reader... I can catch you when ever you blog. LOL

  2. It was totally perfect to have you guys here. And to have E in the wedding. Love you.

  3. Angela, its' so good to see you back!
    I understand busy. Glad you had some great things to do this fall.
    Love you!


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