Thursday, June 11, 2009

Parenting pre-teens

Parenting. Just when you think you have some things "sort of" figured all changes.

With two of the four falling into the "pre-teen" category in our house, things are definitely changing. I thought the baby and toddler years were tough - sleep deprivation, potty training and constant redirecting of behavior. Now we're dealing with excessive testosterone, a desire for independence, deep spiritual questions, new forms of reasoning and challenging ideas. All a very normal part of growing up, but it is requiring an entirely different form of parenting.

The Five Love Languages of Teenagers has been a tremendous help. I checked in out from the library, but quickly figured out it's one of those "got to own it" sort of books.

I am beginning to see the difference between how we parent our little ones versus how our older kids need to be instructed and led. OK, maybe I'm a bit slow. After living with four little ones for so long, I wasn't making the transition, but instead was continuing to use what worked when they were younger. Not working so well now.

I feel as if we're learning to parent all over again. Let's just say my learning curve is off the charts right now. Thank goodness God's mercies are new every morning. Otherwise I'd be in a world of hurt.

Hey, maybe by the time the last one is grown we'll have this whole thing somewhat figured out...maybe...but I doubt it.


  1. As a mom of two boys, one is "out of the nest", and one has his toes're right! Teens are emotionally exhausting in a way that little guys were physically exhausting. At least that's what I found...letting them go and seeing if they put into practice all the lessons from previous years. So fun, and so unpredictable!! Thanks for sharing...from your blogger stalker in Idaho!

  2. I'm right there with you. I noticed just this week that my son is fighting back, challenging, raising his voice, to ME...he's never acted this way before! Not that he's been perfect, but these are new challenges, and I don't feel equipped to face them. I'll have to check out the love languages book. I've read the first one, but not the ones for children or teens.

  3. Thank you for your post. It has come just at the right time.


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