Monday, April 27, 2009

Safe in His hand

The wind is blowing in Texas. Not the "oh, it's a little breezy today" sort of wind, but the "oh my, I think I just saw Dorothy and Toto!" sort of wind.

I'm sitting here in my office early this morning, enjoying my hot cup of coffee and listening to it howl. There is no breeze inside as I sit at my desk. No papers are rustling. Not a hair on my head is moving. I am safe.

What an awesome picture of being held in God's hand, safe from life's storms that rage around me. As He holds me close, I can hear the storms rage. I can see the craziness that ensues and yet not a hair on my head is moved. I am safe.

That is a very good place to be.


  1. What a wonderful thought that God caused you to have toward Him today! :)


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