Monday, April 6, 2009

N. Korea's not the only pushing buttons

A gentle and quiet spirit. Hu? You're kidding? The Bible tells us that a gentle and quiet spirit is precious to the Lord, so obviously it is something we should strive for right? Problem is there are lots of things as moms that tend to snatch that right out of our hands...and I mean LOTS. Don't even get me started.

I am here today to confess the number one thing that pushes my buttons and sends the whole idea of a quiet spirit right out the window every single time - PILES. No, not that kind of piles. Piles of stuff.

Piles of books.
Piles of bills.
Piles of "don't move this I have to deal with it later".
Piles of papers.
Piles of left over craft projects.
Piles of shoes.
Piles of Legos.
Piles of socks.
Piles of random princess items.
Piles of computer games.
Piles of stuffed animals.
Piles of plastic fruit.
Piles of "I'm not even sure what that is".

Who's stuff? Thank you for asking! Let's just say it's not mine. I guess that would leave every other person in my house! I seriously think they are running behind me creating piles where only a second ago there were none. Either that, or the piles are breeding on their own. Since the breeding idea is highly unlikely, I'm going with the five wonderful people living in my house. Piling is not a decorating style people!

Yes, the piles themselves push my buttons, but the mere fact that no one else in my house even sees the piles, well that's an entirely different set of buttons. I wonder what would happen if I tried, for just a day or two, to ignore the stop "encouraging" said family to pick them up...if I stopped picking them up. I think it would either cure my obsession with ridding my home of piles, or completely drive me over the edge.

I wonder...oh, I shudder!


  1. You mean you have piles? You are one step ahead of me! Haha! My kids "scatter".

  2. Girl, I soooo understand you!
    Sometimes I wonder if the rest of the family truly doesn't SEE all the stuff.
    And I have had the fine-then-I'll-just-stop-picking-everything-up-and-see-how-you-like-it attitude, too. But I could never follow through! LOL
    Tell you what, tho. The New Deal is working wonders around here. (Oh, and the kids are at Grandma's right now. That helps, too. *grin*)

  3. Hey Angela,
    I just finished reading "Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit" by Teri Maxwell ( plus doing the study guide that goes with it. There were many "ouch" moments in that study. They say "homeschooling", but it really relates to parenting in general. I recommend it. It won't help you get rid of the piles, but it will help you deal with them -- biblically. And a few chocolate truffle cakes help calm the nerves too! Ha!

  4. don't forget the artwork that you can't throw away pile or the shred "pile" or the finished paying the bills, now what do I do with this thing pile, and the piles that just form on the corner of the kitchen counter or bar. I have baskets that catch my piles so they take some decorative form, but the site of them harasses me just the same.:)


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