Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ha! That's a good one!

I love to laugh. In fact, I would say it's one of my favorite things. When you face difficult situations, you come to realize the true power of a good belly laugh. King Solomon knew what he was talking about. It really is good medicine. Thankfully, I am my own source of great material.

I've laughed a lot today, mostly at myself. Spent the morning fighting a sofa...the sofa won and now sits in a corner, mocking me. I'm still not certain it wouldn't fit, but SOME people convinced me otherwise.

Then we made a flying trip to visit a new dentist. They would only see two of the kids at a time for the first visit just in case we are a flaky family and forgot to show up. Guess what almost happened? I was busy fighting a sofa. Add our tardiness to the fact that we forgot to brush our teeth before we went and the kids still had a bit of dried breakfast on their faces...yes, today I gave all homeschool moms a bad name. Maybe I can make up for it when I take the other two kids in tomorrow. I think I'll make them where a coat and tie and bring their copy of War and Peace.

I figure I might as well laugh at myself and all my faults. It's a whole lot better than crying don't you think?


  1. That is hillarious. And by the way, I think the sofa looks good lying belly up in the family room. Gives the room more character. Especially with the accent of scuffed/dented walls,paint chips scattered here and there and bent light fixtures. If I were a decorator I would flip my wrist and say the room now screams... "determination!!!"

  2. Your making me laugh to, Is this the same sofa you were trying to convince Mike to move up stairs last year?? This Question should get everyone laughing.... How many times has it been moved this year??

  3. OOps the Comment from Terry was from Dara, I forgot to change the identity.

  4. You know me Dara...I'm always moving something! This is the sofa we got from Gene and V when Austin was little. It is now being passed on to someone else...too many sofas at our house now. Mike came home and just shook his head at me. Thankfully he's use to my quirkiness.


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