Thursday, February 12, 2009

A heartfelt apology

Lesson learned today - never blog when you are angry and frustrated. Chances are you will say things you don't mean or that will come across in a manner you did not intend.

Yesterday was a frustrating day on many levels and unfortunately I aired my grievances a bit too much here. Though the post was general in nature and not intended for anyone in particular, I realize now it was too harsh and did not reflect what is truly in my heart.

To those who many have read and interpreted otherwise, I am sorry. It was never my intent to be malicious. As is evidenced here in my mistakes, God is still working on all of us.


  1. missed it...but the evil side of me was thinking...dang! what'd I miss?

  2. Bless you. I "de-friended" one of my kids friends on Facebook awhile back because I was sick of him complaining to my son about me and then being all nice to my face. He reminds me of Eddy Hascel. Anyway I did it in haste and anger and it is still bothering me today. It wasn't the mature way to handle things and I really need to talk to him.
    But I get the doing/saying things when irritated that if I just waited a while I probably wouldn't do.
    God's still working on me to and thank goodness he doesn't give up.


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