Tuesday, January 27, 2009

God knows my favorite color

I sat staring out at the cold morning. The world seemed bathed in a thick, gray blanket. Gnarled oak limbs stood in stark contrast to the sky. The Master Painter had chosen a monochromatic color scheme to create the day.

The picture outside my window matched the picture in my soul. I felt as if a wet blanket had been placed around my shoulders, forcing me to bend under its weight. Rain fell against the window, mirroring my tears.

Out of the corner of my eye a flash of red broke through the darkness as a cardinal lit on a nearby branch. I stared at him, afraid to move. His beauty stood out brilliantly against the sea of gray. It was as if God was saying, "It won't always be this way. Your world will be colorful again. Trust the picture I am painting of your life."

Did I mention my favorite color is red?


  1. Oh, Angela, I have tears now, too. They're tears for you, because God was so sweet to do this for you.

    I do believe you were kissed by the King this morning.

    I am so glad you heard Him.

  2. Oh. How very cool. I totally believe that was God. After a very difficult loss, bluebirds started showing up in my yard, or would occasionally fly across the road in front of my car. I totally believe God was encouraging me with color. Please know that I am praying for you.

  3. Ang,
    I continue to pray for you!
    I so wish you could come for a visit - it seems the number of cardinals who visit our backporch grows greater each day. So beautiful!

  4. Beautiful! I appreciate God's gift of cardinals on dreary days too! He is faithful!


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