Thursday, January 1, 2009

Four year old heart melting moments

Emma and her brother were apparently counting their cash this afternoon, planning what they might do with it all. Finding themselves a little short, she came running into the room. "Mommy, we need to have a garage door sale to make money!" She seemed a bit puzzled when I told her I had no intention of selling my garage door!

Four year olds are the best.

**Just after posting this entry, little Emma came into the office to tell me she had cleaned up the kitchen. Huh? I went in to find she had indeed cleaned up and put all the food away that we had left on the counter from our afternoon of grazing AND taken out the trash. She said, "I a mommy like you." OK, let me say it again - Four year olds are the best and this one melts my heart!


  1. I would mind having a 4 year old like that around. :)

  2. So she was doing it simply to be a mommy like you? How sweet!
    I thought you were going to say she was doing it to earn money, since you weren't willing to part with your garage door. *grin*

  3. What a sweet heart! I miss having 4 year olds around.


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