Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chew on this - Spiritual temperature

The best thermometer of your spiritual temperature is the intensity of your prayer.

~ C.H. Spurgeon ~


  1. Whoa. That actually makes me feel better this morning. Thanks Angela! ('cause God knows how much I've been praying lately)

  2. Um, CONVICTION. Thank you, sister. I love you.

  3. Love me some Spurgeon, but is this really true? There have been times I've prayed with great intensity Please, Jesus Please, but I haven't felt all that spiritual...hmm...I'm chewin'.

  4. Good point Angel. There are times I feel I pray intensely and don't make much progress. Those are the times I try to remember my prayers are very likely affecting the spiritual battle I can't see around me. I have to try to keep up the intensity when I don't feel much is happening. We are partnering with Him and thankfully He knows what He's doing! ;o)


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