Thursday, September 4, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

OK, on a lighter note...I was thinking today about things I love. I'm not talking about the serious stuff we all love - our husbands, our kids, God, etc. I'm talking about the totally fluff things...the things we love simply because they make our lives more enjoyable. Here's my list. It might help to sing along with Julie Andrews while you read.

1. Coffee - no surprise there! Hot, iced, whatever
2. Sitting in my favorite chair drinking coffee with my best friend.
3. Sitting anywhere drinking coffee with my best friend.
4. Blue cheese - yes, I adore it on almost anything.
5. Chocolate flourless torte...with coffee of course!
6. Quiet early mornings...again, with coffee.
7. Sunsets and sunrises on the beach
8. Wet baby kisses
9. Pedicures - aahhhh
10. Impromptu dinners with friends
11. Dates with Mike
12. College football
13. Fall
14. Cooler weather
15. The color red
16. Laughing until my sides ache
17. Hanging out at the pool when we should be doing school!
18. Vacations with friends
19. Worship
20. A good glass of wine
21. Texas storms
22. Homemade gifts from my kids
23. Snow
24. Losing weight!
25. Surprises from Mike
26. Caller ID - don't tell me you don't love that!
27. Lazy Saturday mornings
28. My Suburban
29. Catching up with old friends
30. Thanksgiving day

Your turn! What's on your list? When life starts to turn south, that attitude of gratitude helps me keep things in perspective.


  1. Alright, I am right there with you on your list except: Your #5 (chocolate flourless torte)may very well be higher on my list...yes it was that good! Replace your hubs name with mine, and your suburban with my van, and I'd rather be shopping than at the pool. Oh yeah, and instead of wine I would say Sonic's route 44 ice water with extra ice and a wedge of lemon... oh, one more cheeses would not be on my list anywhere! :)

  2. 1. A day off from work
    2. vacation...anywhere but home
    3. The satisfaction I get from helping other people.
    4. Bread, (i'm in a no bread contest right now, and it is all I can think about)
    5. The feeling of accomplishment
    6. Camping, I love to camp.
    7. Taking pics... I love to take pics... (speaking of, when are you going to let me take pics of your little one?)

    Have a great day, I haven't talked to you in a while. I hope that all is well on that side of town!

  3. Um, I'm scared.
    If I ever come to Texas and get to meet you, are you going to make me drink coffee???
    Because that just might keep me away. LOL

  4. *curling up under a cozy blanket and reading a book in the middle of a thunderstorm
    *coffee ice cream banana splits with marshmallow cream and hot fudge
    *upside down chocolate pie
    *triple chocolate mousse cake and a big glass of ice cold without the ice 2% milk (don't try to pass that blue skim milk off on me!)
    *the crunch of leaves beneath my feet as I walk through the woods
    *staying up way too late talking to a good friend
    *harmonizing with my husband in praise to our King while he plays the guitar
    *cheering for my kids from the sideline or the audience; watching them shine
    *teaching God's word
    *engaging conversations and animated debate with intelligent people
    *shooting stars
    *massages from my husband
    *going to the theater or the symphony
    *reading blogs like yours ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for getting mine off to a great start thinking about things I love rather than things that frustrate me! I must confess I've done much more of the latter than the former lately!


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