Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Facebook nonsense

OK, I admit it...I have a bit of a Facebook addiction. There's something a bit voyeuristic about seeing how your friends are going about their daily lives, especially those who are far away. Makes me feel a bit closer when we don't have time to chat.

But the really fun part is the flair! Yes, I realize it's juvenile, but so many of them sum up quite well how I feel.

You can share your personality.

Offer a political opinion.

Or show your team colors.

What's not to love?


  1. What is facebook? I've never heard of it before. I'm sure it's something I also don't have time for, but you've piqued my curiosity. Yeah, shouldn't I be schooling my children right now? Gotta go.

  2. You should put your Facebook badge on your blog so that us bloggers that Facebook can find you. ;-)

  3. I love Facebook too. Just last week I reconnected with my college roomate who I haven't seen, talked to, or heard from in 11 years. Turns out she has 4 kids too. :) I haven't gotten into Flair, but I'm addicted to Word Challenge. (blush) ;)

  4. I actually WANT that button w/ Change ~ you keep using that word.

    I would wear it daily.
    proudly too!

  5. I use facebook to keep in touch and find old friends a lot! My favorite button, besides the Obama/princess bride one, shows to guys in a canoe and says, "paddle faster I hear banjos". Since moving farther South it has rang true here lol


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