Monday, September 22, 2008

Early e-bay addict

We had another rite of passage in our home this past weekend.

In today's techno advanced society, I'm sure this is one all children will face sooner or our case it was sooner. My nine year old bought his first item on e-bay. Oh.My.Goodness. You would have thought he had purchased the moon. Actually it was a Carolina Panthers jersey. Being the thrifty boy that he is, he was disappointed to find out last week that the jersey he wanted of his favorite team started at $60. Imagine his excitement to find one for $9.99 on e-bay. Reminded me of myself when I find great deals at Goodwill...yes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

He has now informed me he will be doing ALL his shopping on e-bay. Uh-oh.


  1. That's awesome! :)
    I was teaching my son the ins and outs of e-bay a couple of months ago when I was bidding on his new English book, but he has yet to experience the thrill for himself.

  2. Oh, Angela, just wait until he discovers he can SELL things on e-bay, too. My kids think that is the best way to earn money.
    Used to be they gathered all their wares and hauled them out into the yard to hold a sale. Now the line is, "Dad, will you put this on e-bay for me?"
    (NO, I will NEVER educate myself on how to post itmes on e-bay. Ignorance IS bliss in this case!) *grin*)

  3. OK, just so you know, I am NOT breaking my rules by telling you that I posted the winners for my give-away. *grin*


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