Friday, August 1, 2008

Texas or Hades...hard to tell!

I have come to the very certain conclusion that the state of Texas was not meant to be inhabited during the months of July and August. I believe God intended for us to all make our way to more tolerable climates until the temperature has dropped below the hell level.

We tried going to the park in the early morning hours, but to no avail. It's not that it was already was still hot from yesterday! There is no cooling off period here!

We can't go to the pool for fear of some crazy crypto virus that is spreading through the water making people horribly sick.

So we are staying inside, moving as little as possible and praying for cooler weather. Thank goodness for Shark Week!


  1. Ugh! I'll pray for you!
    Sounds like a good time to start school though, maybe you can take a break when the weather gets cooler. When will that be? December?

  2. I don't remember when it is you moved to Texas...You've been through July and August already, haven't you?
    I will do my best to not complain about the "heat" here in the north. *grin* See, you're going through a trial to let me know how easy I have it. Thanks, Ang. You're the best!

  3. It is really nice here in Montana! No air conditioning lows in the 50's or upper 40's at night highs in the 80's no humidity. No complaints from me this year. The weather is perfect. Come visit!


  4. It's hot here in Virginia. I can't imagine Texas! Stay cool. Fall is coming.

  5. Yeah, 110 heat index forcasted for today over here in East Texas. Just no fun at all. On a postive note, laundry on the clothesline is dry in the time it takes to wash another load!

  6. I agree. :) I think that Texas is supposed to be inhabited by bugs and plants, not people. At least, for the hottest months of the summer.


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