Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ms. Pelosi needs to find another job!


We're all feeling the crunch of exorbitant gas prices at the pump these days. At what point do we put aside our partisanship and look for ways to solve the problems real Americans face? I'm all for protecting the environment, but sending our country into a major recession and keeping us completely dependant on foreign sources of oil from countries who don't particularly care for us is ludicrous.

Ms. Pelosi's adamant resolve against drilling shows quite clearly that she certainly does not represent the voice of Americans. Do you think she is working hard to put gas in two cars, paying an ever increasing energy bill, feed four growing kids while still trying to save for college? Of course not! We are paying her salary. We are paying her to disagree with us and not take a stand for what is best for America's future! WHY are we allowing the opinions of just 27% of the people to dictate how the rest of us must live?

This is an excerpt from an article from GOPUSA.com. To read the rest of the article, go here.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN that she would block any vote to allow offshore drilling. This remarkable stance comes in the face of the latest poll that says 73 percent of Americans favor offshore drilling, while only 27 percent oppose it. Nancy Pelosi again displays her contempt for her employer, the American people. Her arrogance and wrong-headed philosophy have led Congress to an approval rating of a staggering 14 percent, the lowest ever.

OK, I'm climbing down now before I pull a muscle.


  1. Do you have room on that soapbox for friends? This isn't the only issue on which Nancy Pelosi and I don't agree. I mourned the day she became Speaker of the House!

  2. She is also trying to make it so that all Christian radio programs are now required to offer up the opposing viewpoint for equal time. I think its called the Fairness Doctrine, and she is all for conservative radio shows to now have to HAVE to air opposite beliefs...all on the dollar of the conservative show! Visit ACLJ.org for more info.
    God bless-


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