Saturday, July 26, 2008

God shows up!

God gave me a wonderful opportunity to speak at a ladies retreat this weekend. It never ceases to amaze me what He will do when we are willing. I prepared what I felt He was leading me to share and He showed up in a big way. I felt as if I just opened my mouth and HE did the talking. He's so good that way. I did not know these ladies...I had no idea where they were in their lives or what they were struggling with, but God did. As I sat and listened to their stories, it become so apparent why He lead me to speak on this particular subject. I pray it was an encouragement to them and to their faith.

I am just so humbled and excited to be used by Him to accomplish anything at all. He doesn't need us to do His work, but He allows us to be a part of it and as a result we are blessed. I just can't stop thanking Him and can't wait to see what He will do next!

He is SO GOOD!

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  1. Yes He is!!! :)
    I'm rejoicing with you! It's such an honor to be His vessel. Humbled and excited is a great place to be!!
    I'll be praying for the woman who were at the retreat, that God would continue to cause growth in their lives.


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