Monday, June 9, 2008

Right of passage

Yesterday marked a huge step for our family...OK, maybe it was a bigger step in my mind than in reality, but I think it bordered on a Hallmark moment. I wonder if they make a card for such an occasion?

Our oldest son started youth group at church.

How is that possible? Honestly. I remember the moment he was born - and the subsequent 37 hours prior as he was attempting to be born - as if it were yesterday. Before I knew it, he was starting Kindergarten. Again, I remember that moment vividly. Now this. Funny how certain moments seem to be burned into our memories. I pray I never forget.

This milestone is yet another reminder that he won't be with us forever. Lord, help me to cherish each moment as he grows to be the young man you created him to be.


  1. 37 hours?! Whew, just reading that sentence made me tired! What a blessed milestone.

  2. I know the feeling, mine is going to start driving on his own this summer... stay off the streets!

  3. They start driving at 16 here in Texas if they complete drivers ed.
    Sounds great on the family pics! I am getting a little better with the camera. I would love to "practice" on your family :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! It is so amazing how fast they grow. My oldest is about to lose his first tooth, and I feel that's the end of his "little" boy days. He won't look like a baby at all anymore!

  5. Those milestones just keep flying by faster and faster!

  6. This will be precious years for you. Times of great conversations and lots of laughter. Enjoy them!


  7. Us too!!!
    When we walked into church and they told me the kids were promoting to the next grade and that meant my son was now in the Jr. High class, I said, "I just got older." Then I had to set him up with his own e-mail account so he could be on the Youth Group e-mail loop. It's crazy! Where has the time gone!


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