Sunday, June 1, 2014

Texas in our rear view mirror

As I type this we’re somewhere in New Mexico. We’ve spent the last two weeks roadtrippin’ it from Idaho to Texas and back, logging 2,745 miles with about a 1,100 more to go. We’ve stopped at 87 rest stops, found all but 11 states on the license plate game (anyone from Hawaii?), eaten copious amounts of BBQ, been bitten by 168 mosquitoes, caught crawdads with a stick and cheap bacon, gone fishin’, watched kids learn to drive the golf cart (a rite of passage in our family) and learn to drive the farm truck (another rite of passage), celebrated my dad's 65th birthday with more BBQ (of course!), spent time catching up with awesome  friends and hung out on the family farm unplugging from life. 

It has been an amazing, exhausting gift of a trip. While it was good to come back and visit, ultimately it helped me realize that we aren’t a part of life there anymore. Seeing family and friends was a balm for my soul…just what I needed to be able to finally let go and accept that Idaho is home. 

We’ve left Texas in our rear view mirror, but it will always be in our hearts. 


  1. You have a wonderful way with words. So glad we got to go to Texas. Our trip was a great reminder to me of just how good our God is to bless us with awesome friends and a wonderful family!

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  3. "An amazing, exhausting gift of a trip."
    That sounds wonderful! :) It also sounds like God is doing a good work in your heart. What a blessing. ((hugs))
    P.S. Was visited by a beautiful RED cardinal tonight. Prayed for you. :)


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