Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Silence of Saturday

Honestly, I've never given  much thought to the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. It was just another day, usually spent getting ready for whatever Easter festivities we had planned.

Maybe I'm getting a bit more introspective as the years go by, but there's something special about today; about this Saturday. The crucifixion has taken place, the sacrifice made and we're waiting on the glorious resurrection. We know the ending. We know what happens on the third day, but the disciples did not.

Think about what they must have been feeling. The One they have dedicated the last three years of their lives to has just been crucified. 

Overwhelming sadness at the loss of their Lord and friend. 

Uncertainty about what lay in store for them. 

Fear over what the leaders might do to Jesus' followers. 

I can imagine the emotions were running high. Saturday was a somber, depressing day as they gathered together, locking themselves in and bracing the door. 

They didn't understand that God's plan wasn't finished. The waiting and uncertainty of Saturday was part of the plan.

How much is that like our own lives? Maybe it's a job situation, relationship, health. We're caught in the lull of the waiting, the uncertainty.  We're so engaged in the emotions of the Friday experience that we can't see what's on the horizon.

Sunday's coming!

Whatever  you're waiting on today, take heart - your Sunday's coming! Jesus' time in the tomb was part of God's plan. It could not be rushed. The quiet, uncertain Saturday of waiting ushered in a Sunday of rejoicing.

Don't grow weary friends. Embrace the quietness of your waiting, hold on to His promises and you will see the Lord answer. You will see your Sunday!

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  1. Oh yes! I have often thought about the Saturday. I usually have become stuck in that day. It's much like our lives today- not knowing what His plan is for certain things but I'm learning to rejoice because Sunday always comes.


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