Friday, October 18, 2013

The Quintessential Taco Soup Recipe

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Fall is in the air around here.  Amazing fall colors (the kind that take your breath away) and temps in the 60's puts a smile on my face.  It also makes me hungry for soup!

I love hearty soups.  Ones that really fill your belly.  One of our favs is taco soup.  I have several different variations in my recipe collection and usually end up taking ingredients from each to create my own concoction.

Until today.  Today I found the quintessential taco soup recipe.  It is very filling and oh, so tasty!  I threw the ingredients in the crockpot on low in the morning and it was done perfectly by dinner time.

 The Quintessential Crockpot Taco Soup

1 can Rotel tomatoes
1 can corn
1 can of black beans drained & rinsed (I used pinto because it's what I had on hand)
2 frozen chicken breasts (I used bone in thighs. Just fish the bones & skin out before serving)
8 oz cream cheese, cubed
1 packet dry ranch dressing
1 tablespoon cumin
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder

Put all ingredients in crock pot and cook 6-8 hours. 
Shred chicken. 
Soup can be topped with fresh lime, cilantro, avocado, sour cream, cheese, tortilla chips...whatever Mexican goodness your heart desires. I would highly recommend the squeeze of fresh lime.  It gives it a nice kick. 

I doubled this recipe to feed our family of six and had a couple of servings leftover. Wish I could give proper credit, but unfortunately the original pinner pinned the recipe without linking to a website. 


  1. Fall is the time for soup! Thanks for sharing this recipe (:

  2. This sounds fabulous. And my taco-loving son will be so happy! :)
    One question. What are Rotel tomatoes? I'm guessing that's a brand. Are store-brand diced tomatoes good enough?
    Looking forward to trying this soon!

  3. It's in the crock pot. Looking forward to dinner tonight. :)

  4. You're going to love it Karen! It's become one of my favorite go-to recipes. We have two holiday dinners planned so far and I'm using it for both!


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