Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Skinny fettucini alfredo - really!

Back to school means easy, weekday meals I can either throw in the crockpot, or put together with a few ingredients.  One of my favorite go-tos is fettuccine Alfredo.  I'm talkin' the real deal here folks.  Butter in large quantities topped off with heavy cream and Parmesan.  If I was feeling guilty, I MIGHT use half and half, but you really shouldn't mess with a good thing.

Since I'm trying to run more and stay in shape, I reluctantly pinned a low cal version of our favorite.  The recipe called for plain Greek yogurt, chicken broth and skim milk.  Um....really?  I'm not Italian, but I think that pretty much breaks every law of Italian cooking in one fail swoop.  I mentioned to a friend I was thinking of trying it and she was equally as skeptical.  "Let me know how that turns out for ya" was her reply.

Well Randi, let me tell you...it was delicious!  I am amazed and probably three pounds lighter for having tried it!  Since I'm trying to work in more meatless dishes I omitted the chicken this time.  The roasted broccoli added a ton of flavor.  I normally saute red pepper with the garlic as well, but didn't have one on hand.  Sauteed red pepper adds a nice sweetness to the sauce.  Mmmmm!

This recipe certainly made a believer out of this heavy cream lovin' skeptic!  Try it!  I'd love to hear what you think. 

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