Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MAF and God's call

Relocating to Texas six years ago was the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Relocating back to Idaho six months ago was NOT part of how I saw the adventure playing out.  It was not part of MY plan, but as the Holy Spirit began to reveal Himself we saw it was definitely part of HIS.  As we've settled in I've come to understand and believe that truth, but I still didn't really get it.

Until this week.  I was able to spend the last three days serving the advocates at the yearly Advocate Summit...or as Mike calls it the "Advocate Superbowl". Advocates from around the country gathered at MAF headquarters for ministry training, connection and encouragement.  As I worked behind the scenes I began to grasp a key element I'd been missing.  MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) president John Boyd made the comment that this is a not a job, but a calling.  We've spent 20+ years in corporate was a job.  It payed the bills.  My light bulb moment happened this week when I realized we've been called here to do what we're doing.  This is not just another job. What we're doing through MAF is making a difference in people's lives who otherwise might not hear about the love of Jesus. Did we give up a lot moving back to Idaho? I feel like we did, but then I look into the eyes of children like these and I realize we gave up very little. Did we get out of our comfort zone and the life we envisioned for our family? Yes, but I'm beginning to see just how worth it it is as we follow God's perfect plan.

Check out how MAF is reaching people groups around the world who have never heard of or experienced the love of Jesus.  Interested in how you and your family can help?  Consider being an Advocate!  It's not about fundraising (that's a different department altogether), but awareness.  MAF advocates share the vision of MAF with individuals and churches locally so that we can be even more effective in what we do globally.  
Sharing the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed.

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