Friday, February 8, 2013

My new happy place

Photo by Austin Snodgrass

When someone says, "Go to your happy place", what do you think of?  For me it always includes sunshine, flip-flops, sand, a good book and little umbrellas in my drink.  

My recent reality looks very different - cold temps, snow and homeschooling four kids while helping us all navigate the myriad of emotions that accompany a cross country move.  Doesn't look much like my "ideal", but then again maybe I've got the wrong perspective.  Ann Voskamp's recent FB status made me sit up and take notice.  "Make right where you are your happy place.  When thanks to God becomes a habit - so joy in God becomes your life."  Love that so much I wrote it down twice - one for my mirror and one for the kids'.  

If I'm always looking at what is not, I will never learn to accept (dare I say be happy with), my current reality.  As I learn to practice thankfulness for the here and now it begins to give me a different view...maybe even a different "happy place".

So today I will practice thankfulness - for the unexpected snow and the beauty it brings. For warm, fuzzy slippers in place of my beloved flip-flops. For's always the coffee.  Maybe I'll put a little umbrella in my cup and call it good.

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