Saturday, March 26, 2011

LOTR and friendship

I am a HUGE Lord of the Rings movie fan. Did I mention HUGE? The films are rich with meaning and imagery, epic scenery and a host of uh-mAzing characters. We've been known to watch all three extended versions in a sitting. At four and a half hours each, that's a lot of sitting.

One of my favorite themes of the trilogy is friendship. There are enough examples and symbolism on that topic alone to keep me writing blog posts for months. My favorite example comes towards the end of number three, Return of the King. Frodo struggles to crawl up the side of Mt. Doom in a last ditch effort to rid himself of the Ring forever. Collapsing in the dirt he lays unmoving. Determined and forever faithful, Samwise picks Frodo up. Holding him in his arms, he rises slowly to his feet and declares, "Then let's be rid of it once and for all. I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!"

Tears every time people! That one line epitomizes the essence of true friendship. Not the "Hi, how are you?" sort of friendship, but the gut-wrenching, slogging it out in the trenches sort of friendship. Such friendships don't come along often. More than likely, as in the case of Sam and Frodo, they are forged through conflict or shared difficulty. Out of the fire rises a bond that is not likely to be broken this side of heaven. You share memories and experiences that others don't understand.

I had a Samwise on my journey through depression. In addition to my amazing rock of a husband, this friend acknowledged she could not carry the burden for me, but was willing to carry me if necessary...and she did. I recognize the part that played in overcoming the depression that hung around my neck like Frodo's ring. Were it not for my Samwise, I'm not sure I would have made it through in one sane piece. But I did make it through...the sane part is still up for debate.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2
Thank you LORD for giving us people in our lives to share the load.


  1. That's heartening to hear because I never liked the LOTR movies. Too depressing, too heavy, too gory, too blatantly grievous for me (the murderous scene where Smegel -sp?- drowns his buddy for the ring is too much for my constitution and makes me think I am dwelling on things that are not noble or right). I much prefer Pilgrim's Progress for a depiction of a journey. But, I would love to hear your insight about the movies, without ever watching them again.

    I have had friends like that who have carried me when the journey was too much and I was surprised when I moved to where I am that that kind of friendship was not available to me. But I now think I understand why: God wanted me to come to Him! He is the best friend ever!

    Keep posting why the movie touched you, because maybe it will change what I think about them.

  2. Great post! We too are HUGE Lord of the Rings fans!!!
    And just to follow up you Galatians verse, Gal 6:9 says to not grow weary of doing good! Oh, how refreshing scripture can be when plugging in to such life application :)

  3. Wow. How long ago was the depression?

    I've never had a Samwise, or at least never called upon a friend to do that for me.

    I know that I am enjoying getting to know you as a friend. You are a delight and I don't think of you as a "fine, how are you" kind of friend. Thanks for this thought provoking post. Lisa~


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