Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'll take it all

Lately life has been...hmmm...scary, amazing, stomach churning, monotonous, joyful, routine, awe-inspiring.

Yes, it can be all those things rolled into one. Heck, it can be all those things rolled into just one day. As I sink into bed each night, I look back and thank God for it all. For every.single.bit.

It's easy to be thankful for the amazing, the joyful and the awe-inspiring, but why would I be thankful for the rest? Why would I be thankful for the scary, the monotonous, the stomach churning? Because through it all, God is still God. He allows everything that happens in my life for a PURPOSE. Did you get that? The things that happen to us are not random chance, the working of the cosmic universe or karma. They are part of His plan to mold and shape us to look more like Him. Does God cause bad things to happen in my life? Absolutely not. Does He allow them? Unequivocally yes. In doing so, we learn and grow in ways we would not have been able to otherwise.

So I'll take it all - the amazing, routine and stomach churning - if it brings me even a bit closer to the person He created me to be, able to complete the work He created me for.


  1. Yes, sister. Amen!

    BTW - Lots of cardinals where I work. A couple women have the on their shirts, and there are some on decorations on apartment doors. I think of and pray for you often!

  2. So true! Those struggling times draw us closer to Him, if we'll let them. Tomorrow I will be there...with add to the craziness. Oh well. It's good, right? ;) Lisa~


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