Saturday, July 17, 2010

This ain't your grandma's Jello

My friend Julie sent me a neat recipe from The Food Librarian. I am not necessarily a fan of plain old Jello, but this takes it to a WHOLE new level.

Isn't it pretty? Yes, I did just refer to Jello as "pretty". I'm envisioning blue and orange for our first Bronco game of the season. The possibilities are endless! Who would have thought Jello could be so exciting?

While you're visiting with the Librarian, check out her post on strawberry shortcake. Beautiful food is so much more fun to eat don't you think?

Yes, food should be beautiful and this one takes the cake! Sorry, couldn't resist.


  1. Oh great! Now there's another blog I have to follow. How may clever people are there in the world? ;) Lisa~

  2. Not sure how you knew that was my blog....I don't use a current photo, I don't have my last name, and I don't even have a location on my profile. Tell me, how did you figure it out?

    How old are the boys now? Older than you can believe, I'm sure. And little girl is, what, six?

    Hope all is well with y'all!!



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