Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer organizing projects - the scary closet

One of the biggest projects on my summer to-do list, aside from painting the entire downstairs, was organizing my homeschool closet. [insert scary music] Let's just say it had become one of those "shut the door as quickly as possible so nothing falls out on my head" sort of know, the kind you see in the old cartoons. Yeah, it was bad.

A friend called this morning with the idea to organize a used curriculum sale for our homeschool group. Great idea! It was just the kick in the pants I needed to start purging and organizing. Thanks Sherri!

Armed with my mango peach iced tea (I really am becoming a Southerner!) I marched upstairs, telling the kids to come looking for me if I hadn't resurfaced in a few hours...or they heard any strange noises coming from the closet. I was part way through pulling the stuff off the floor when I thought to take a photo. See that mess on the floor to the left? Just picture that two feet tall and EVERYWHERE and you'll have a good idea of what I started with. Yikes!

Several boxes and trashcans later, I emerged victorious. I have an ginormous Rubbermaid storage box full of stuff to sell at the curriculum sale, as well as lots of great treasures I'd forgotten I had. It was sort of like Christmas...except for the excessive sweat rolling off my forehead of course.

Check this out. Do you see it? It's UNUSED a MY house. Happy sigh. The best part of the day? Crossing it of my summer to-do list. [insert happy dancing music].

Now who wants to come help me paint my house?


  1. WOW! You have a homeschool CLOSET?! Lisa~

  2. Great work!! I bet you're not as crazy as I am, but when I accomplish a clean-up of this magnitude, I find myself going back just to admire the beauty of it all! Sometimes, it's the first thing I go look at when I get up in the morning just to reassure myself that yes, there is SOME clean spots in my house - hidden under the clutter, of course! =)


  3. You have encouraged me yet again. Thank you for the picture of your mess. My "under the stairs" closet has to be cleaned out because, if a tornado comes through, we will have no place to hide!


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