Sunday, March 14, 2010

Life is good and spring break makes it better!

Aaahhh...spring break. I don't think there are many other two word combinations I love the sound of as much as that one, unless of course it's summer break. Don't get me wrong. I l.o.v.e homeschooling my kiddos, but who doesn't enjoy a break now and then? I celebrated the occasion this afternoon by taking a nap. Never have been good at adjusting to the whole "spring forward" thing.

Now, what to do with a full week of beautiful weather and no school? I'm looking forward to spending time with two different friends who are just beginning their homeschool journey. Sharing the joys (and trials) of homeschooling is one of my favorite things to do! Beyond that, no current employment means no fun spring break getaways. Oh well...such is life. I've got everything I need right here under this roof. I'm sure I'll linger a bit longer over my morning coffee. Call a friend I've been wanting to catch up with. Watch the kids play and soak up some sun. (insert contented sigh) Yep...Life is good.

Thank you Lord for the promise of a good week. May it be used for Your glory.


  1. My prayer is that you are a blessing to your two friends this week. If you are as encouraging in real life as you are on your blog, it'll be great. Lisa~

  2. Contented sighs are good. Very good.
    I hope you have a simply glorious week!
    (Now I'm off to fold some laundry. *grin*)

  3. May God bless you as you enjoy your break! In Him,


    Thorns and Myrtles


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