Sunday, January 24, 2010

A REAL Sunday dinner

There's something about Sunday's around noon. Ravenous, we tear in from church looking for any food we can find. Usually, it's every man, woman and gerbil for themselves, but today Momma Gerbil was dare I say it - organized.

I took a few minutes this morning to plan what we would have for lunch and did a bit of prep work so that when we got home I just had to put it together. Within a few minutes, we were sitting down to a REAL Sunday dinner around the REAL dining room table, eaten on REAL plates, where our children exhibited their REAL table manners...but that's another post entirely.

Most in our fast paced society have forgone the traditional Sunday noon meal. I think that's a shame. The Sunday dinner use to be a time for family and friends to come together, share a meal and build memories while observing the Sabbath. Most of us now settle for a quick dinner out on our way home from church, or like us grab a quick sandwich while darting up the stairs to the waiting football game. We're missing out. I want my kids to look back and say, "Remember how Mom use to make the most amazing Sunday dinners?" (Hey, it's my memory!) Beyond the memories, I pray that it will become such a part of our family tradition that someday our kids will bring their families back for some of Grandma's amazing Sunday dinners.

I'm going to have to plan things out if I want to make it happen. Prep work can be done on Saturday so things will be ready. More work for me? Yep. Worth it in the long run? You bet.

What my kids took away from today's meal? Why is it called Sunday "dinner" when it's really lunch? Hey, we try.


  1. Hmmmm. I don't recall Sunday dinners being a tradition when I was growing up. Maybe that's why they aren't on my list?
    But I like your thought about the kids bringing the grandchildren over for Grandma's amazing Sunday dinners.
    Well, you've got me thinking about it. *grin*

  2. You're absolutely right, and I've gotten really lazy about this myself. My mom put a roast, potatoes, carrots, and onions in the oven every Sunday before we headed out the door to church. The aroma when we returned home and opened the door is still a vivid memory! I've always talked about making a meal that will feed a bunch of people and then inviting people to come home with us after church, spontaneously, but I've never actually done it. I think I even saw a Sunday Dinner cookbook once.


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