Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy fabulous 40!

I've been musing quite a bit over the last few months about this whole "turning 40" thing. At first I was just down right bummed. 40? Seriously, how did that happen? As I've had time to think about it, I've come to the realization that 40 can be fabulous, depending on how I look at it. OK, I won't go so far as to agree with the Hollywood set who says, "40 is the new 20!" Yeah, whatever...they're just justifying the fact that they're getting older like the rest of us. Next they'll be saying from their walkers through their false teeth that 80 is the new 40!

Honestly though, if given the chance to trade wisdom for a few less wrinkles, I have to say I would keep the wrinkles. Being young(er) may have some advantages, but the lessons learned through living life over the years are worth their weight in gold. I'm a different wife, mom and friend than I was when I turned 30...and that's a good thing.

I've had 40 years of God's amazing faithfulness in my life. 40 years of seeing Him at work. 40 years to get to know Him more personally...and I could live another 40 lifetimes and still not know all I should know. I am thankful He continues to teach and shape me to look less like me and more like Him. And if looking more like Him means I have to put up with more wrinkles looking back at me from the mirror, then so be it.


  1. I'm turning 40 next year and feel the same way. How did this happen? I think I'll try and think of it as being that much closer to Heaven. LOL

  2. Happy 40th Birthday! (only 1 yr. behind) and, you look fabulous!! :)

  3. Life brings such changes - year after year! It is such a blessing when God is in control.
    I came across another blog on a search that led me to yours.
    It is a personal diet/devotional blog - simple but very inspirational.

    I will bookmark you blog - Pam

  4. Happy Birthday! I just turned 40 this past June.

  5. Thank you for this... I always say I want to grow older gracefully. I hate to see Mom's of teenagers who are dressing and acting just like their kids. It's a strange world we live in and youth is much more prized than wisdom. It's wonderful to see woman a few years older than me making 40 look so good. There are some people like myself who want to be told it's ok jump in the water is good. We don't want to be what the world tells us to be so my hats off and a big thank you for this post and for sharing your "feelings and revelations". I appreciated them!!!


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