Friday, July 17, 2009

9 completely random Friday thoughts

1. Quickest way to ruin a perfectly good day? Swimsuit shopping. Yep. Does it ever time.

2. Not being the most coordinated person in the world, I tend to shy away from step aerobics classes. Showed up this morning at 5:30 for a step class. Now, had I KNOWN it was a step class I would have kept my uncoordinated self tucked nicely in bed. No harm done and I did get a good just wasn't very pretty.

3. Check out my little sister Ashley's interview with CBN News. It's awesome!

4. The temp today is only suppose to hit the low 90's...yes people, that's a cold front!

5. I was blessed yesterday to have two different coffee dates with neat Christian ladies. God is so good to encourage us.

6. Just got my writing curriculum for the next four years on e-bay for a steal. That rates right up there with iced coffee...well, maybe not THAT good, but close.

7. Grocery shopping this morning or the pool? Hmmm...

8. My oldest son is officially as tall as me, but my hair is taller so I still win!

9. The Lord is rejoicing over me this morning with a song. Zephaniah 3:17


  1. I love your randomness, Angela!

    #1 - Agreed.
    #2 - I'm proud of you!
    #3 - That was really your little sister? How cool!
    #4 - We're having a cold front, too. Colder than yours. *pouty face*
    #5 - You had to drink coffee TWICE and you're calling yourself blessed? Wow. You're an inspiration! *grin*
    #6 - I love ebay!
    #7 - Silly girl. Monday is for groceries.
    #8 - Hair counts.
    #9 - Yes, He is. And it's a beautiful song.

  2. Ang! Thanks for posting my video. Let's not talk about how the still-shot makes me look like I'm on drugs. Whatever. Love you, sister. :)

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