Saturday, June 27, 2009

Complete and utter randomness

1. It is too hot to actually live in Texas. You might want to visit, but I would suggest not staying long.

2. I snagged two, yes two pieces of Pampered Chef stoneware at a yard sale today for $1 each. Yeah for me!

3. New bed for dear son #1 - $50. Surprising the boys with their own space to hang out- $200. Watching hubby's face when I shared my brilliant plan and asked him to move three rooms of furniture - priceless.

4. The state of Texas should not be inhabited during the summer months...period.

5. Only two months until we visit Idaho...where it's cool.

6. Only two months until the start of college football. Life is good.

7. Homemade iced coffee makes me happy. Not having to plop down $4 at Starbucks makes me almost giddy.

8. Growing my hair out drives me nuts.

9. A day without depression is better than watching college football, sipping iced coffee with my best friend on a 75 degree day....yeah, it's that good.

10. Did I mention it's hot?


  1. I enjoyed reading your random thoughts -- especially number 9. I continue to pray for you and I miss our little e-mails back and forth.

  2. Loving #3!!! *grin*

    Hey, you can come visit Michigan today if you want. It is definitely cool here. Un-seasonably so, in fact. No snow, mind you, but I've ben wearing a sweatshirt all day.
    I have a guest room, and you're welcome to it!
    BTW, nothing concrete yet, but I have another possibility for travel which could include an overnight in Dallas. Are you still open to that?

  3. My favorite was number 5! We miss your family so much. The girls and I remember you and your family often. Hope we can see you when you are in Idaho. Let's talk soon. Michelle E. in Idaho.


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