Thursday, April 9, 2009

Scheduling woes

I'm not much of a planner when it comes to our daily schedule. Now, give me an event to plan and I'm all over it, but the day to day stuff...not so much.

The funny thing is part of me wants to be a planner. Can't quite figure out which part, but something in me sighs heavily when I see a neatly printed schedule, each family member's name color coded in those little boxes, all mapped out from morning 'til night. There's just something about the neatness and order of it all. I guess because it looks so orderly, something in me thinks it will miraculously make my life look that orderly.

Problem is I've tried. I've tried the family schedule. I've tried the 30 minute increments. I've even color coded each person's name. Surely if it looks that good, it has to work, right?

Jumping out of bed on day one, I'm ready to implement our new order of business. Extra strong coffee in hand, I start giving orders encouraging everyone in the family in a desperate attempt to stick to this new fangled schedule. By lunchtime, the coffee pot is empty, the house is a wreck, the kids are crying, I've locked myself in the bathroom and the cute little schedule lies crumpled in the trashcan.

So why, when I see one of those schedules, does my heart still skip a beat? There is some crazy part of me that thinks "I could do it THIS time. I know I could!" Nope. Not gonna happen. I need to just accept that about myself and move on...

...and stop looking at those darn scheduling books with the smiling moms on the cover.


  1. My new love is Google Calendar. Now I know the concerns some people have about Google ruling our lives and knowing what I'm doing at any given moment, but I'm not one of those people. I say, "Google, bring it on!" Each child has their own color for things I enter on the calendar (Google just sets it up that way), and two things I absolutely love about it are - it syncs with my iPod touch, so I can see the whole family's calendars from anywhere, AND my husband can look at it at work and track my every move throughout the day. Which can be good and bad. If you know what I mean.

  2. My two favorite books that I carry with me just about everywhere: my Bible and my Franklin Covey planner.

  3. I have tried those Mom Planners and frankly, they're dumb.

    I am not going to break apart my 9 and 10 year old while they're snuggling on the couch taking turns reading a Spider Magazine....just to keep on schedule.

    Life happens.
    It's WAY more fun and beautiful and unplanned.

  4. I'm with you Ang!
    Just a couple of days ago I was starting to think of a summer schedule for the 4 of us. But I snapped out of it knowing it wouldn't work for us. Instead I thought of about 4 things I want us to accomplish each day and maybe that many per week. I'm not going to worry about getting them done at certain time of day though.


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