Friday, April 17, 2009

An anniversary...of sorts

It's been two years to the day since we moved into our house here in Texas. It was raining that day and guess what? It's raining today.

In some ways it seems like we've just arrived and in other ways it seems we've been here a long time. Life's funny that way. I spent time today reading back over the posts written just prior to and after the move. Should have grabbed that box of tissues first...sheesh! Lots of emotions I wasn't expecting.

So much has happened...good and bad. I wonder how those same things would have played out if we were still in Idaho? How would the last two years have looked? How has the move changed me as a person? How has it changed our family? I wish I could see a larger view of what God's be able to see how it all fits into His grand scheme as He leads us closer to eternity. Maybe someday I'll look back and recognize His hand. In the meantime, I'm just thankful I can trust Him.


  1. Hey lady!!! I haven't been on here for a while - was going to post something, but I'm too tired... so I thought I'd read instead! I'm SO thankful that the Lord brought you and M down here to God's country :) You are a special and precious friend and I love you bunches!

  2. Happy Anniversary. :)

    I found your blog right after my family had moved to Texas from Utah. I loved reading about and sympathized with your move.

    Since that time, we've moved back to Utah. But are now in the process of moving back to Texas. (Yeah - lots of moving!) My hubby just looked at a house in our new location today. Here we go again.

    I too wish I knew what God is up to. All this cross-country moving is for the birds! But His plan is good and we are confident we are moving within His will. I'll cling to that.

  3. Ang, I'm glad you moved to Texas because I think technically you're closer to me. But I could be wrong. I've never been one for geography. I love you.


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