Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting God's Word

If you've been following the comments recently here on this blog, you will know that there are differing opinions and ideas about who should be our next President and why. We all have our views about the issues and can agree to disagree in a mature, Christian fashion on some gray areas.

However, there are certain issues that are anything but gray. Issues such as the killing of the unborn, marriage between a man and a woman and our country's stand with Israel are not open to interpretation or our own personal opinion. Scripture clearly states where we are to side. We must look at where each candidate stands on the issues God is very clear about and ask ourselves if we're voting with or against His Word.

One commenter stated, "This is a "free" country and each person has the right to vote for whomever they choose...regardless of what anyone thinks!" Yes, it is a free country with rights we hold very dear, but as Christians we should be concerned about what God thinks about who we're voting for. We will be held accountable for the vote we cast. Did we stand for the unborn or did we stand with someone who has no regard for life? Did we do our part to preserve the sanctity of marriage, or did we give our vote to someone who will tear it down? Did we chose to stand with Israel in their fight for freedom, or did we side with someone who will help to bring them down?

"Who gives you the right to be judge and jury and prosecute a person for their political beliefs??" I found this quote interesting and wondered what part of the post made "anonymous" feel they were being persecuted. I was not persecuted anyone, but simply showing the beliefs of a particular candidate in action.

"So, if I choose to vote for Obama or McCain that is my God given right and it's not up to my fellow man to persecute me for "my" choice on whom I feel will best fit "my" needs." This last quote from the same anonymous commenter sums things up pretty well. As Christians, we are not called to vote according to what best fits our own needs, but what best lines up with Scripture. It is this self-centeredness and ego-centric attitude that has gotten our country where we are today.

I pray as Christians we will vote today according to the leading of the Holy Spirit and not just for which candidate promises to make our lives more comfortable.


  1. Angela,
    I am so excited to vote for McCain today; but also excited to be taking Bethany (18)to vote for the first time. Think they will allow pictures to be taken? : )
    On my knees,

  2. Continue to stand for the Truth, Ang!
    Love you, friend!

    Grace and Peace,

  3. Angela, thank you for taking a stand! In my opinion, though that is not worth much, everything you say is true. God does not care about our rights he cares about our choices and the heart that is behind them. The vote is not about us and our rights to do what we want to fit our needs. The government doesn't provide for our needs God does! The vote is about Him and what His word calls us to do. And your entry was not "persecuting" anyone. It is a blog for pity's sake. Let's head on over to one of the 51 countries where sharing the gospel is illegal and ask them about persecution. There are people being burned alive for standing up for the gospel and Anonymous feels persecuted because of a blog that she voluntarily read. Wow, does our country need a reality check or what? -Lindsay B.

  4. all i have to say is that i think that it is soo funny that "anonymous" was bold enough to share their opinion, but was too shy to leave their name! i bet it was that joy lady from the view. love you angela!

  5. I agree with everything that you said. Hearing "Well Done" is so important on that glorious day. The time is Now!!Rev. 1:3 "Blessed is th eone who reads the words of this prophecy and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near!!" It is unfolding across the world. We must speak the truth. Jude tells us to be merciful to the doubters but also to snatch others from the fires. The truth can make some think twice. Possibly just enough to turn their heads at the right moment. You go girl.
    love ya


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