Saturday, November 15, 2008

Climbing down from my soapbox...

OK, enough political soapboxes for awhile. Life will go on, regardless of what happens in Washington.

Life goes on here. My "baby" boy will be twelve next week. That one is incredibly hard to wrap my brain around. He is almost as tall as me. Mike bought him new basketball shoes last night...size 10 1/2. I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. If only I could get him to remember to brush his teeth and wash his face.

Our two older boys eat, sleep and breath football. They play it, they read about it, they watch it, they talk incessantly about it. Smack talk has become a form of affection. When friends come over, guess what they do? Yep - football. If they can't play outside, there's always Wii football. Luckily I am a football fan myself, but goodness gracious.

We are a competitive family by least most of us are. Last night Emma's brothers were teaching her to play slap. You know, where you try to slap the other's hand before they move it. Picture my little four year old girl doing this. She figured out quickly that if she grabbed hold of her brother's hand, she could slap it and win. Each time she would laugh uproariously at her coup. I laughed just watching her.

Then this morning she beat her brother at Rock/Paper/Scissor over which movie they were going to watch. Boy, was she proud of herself. She is a healthy mix of princess and tomboy. She is my heartbeat.

Yep, this is truly what it's all about.


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