Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do you know your candidate?

Sounds like the name of a popular game show. Maybe I'm on to something.

You would think as important as this election is that people would take the time to educate themselves a bit before pulling the lever on November 4th. Apparently not.

We have speculated all along that many people are voting for Mr. O simply because he is black. Of course any mention of this brings cries from the far left that we are playing the race card. I don't have a problem with someone who chooses to vote for Obama as along as they can articulate why they are doing so. Being able to give well thought out, educated reasons for their choice of candidates proves there is more to it than the color of his skin.

Here is proof that many democrats are pulling the race card themselves. This my friends is our political system at its finest. Come on people!


  1. That just blows my mind that people don't know anymore about who they are voting for than that. I am really hoping it took a while to find these people and that it isn't the norm.

  2. Oh My!!!
    We are fervently praying that people will realize that O just isn't qualified to be our president and that the Lord will move in a mighty way.
    So glad to see (((you))) back online.

  3. WOW!!! Seriously?!?!
    The irony of the last woman interviewed talking about McCain being uneducated...really?
    There was a reason our founding fathers only allowed property owners to vote. A democracy is truly the worst form of government...


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