Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy birthday Greyson!

I just hugged my six year old for the last time. When he wakes up tomorrow for his morning snuggles, he'll be seven. There's something about not being six anymore. In my mommy eyes, six still seems like a little boy. Seven seems a lot more...grown-up.

Greyson is the delight of my life. A day without a Greyson hug is like a day without sunshine. He has never met a stranger and is often quick to give them hugs soon after meeting. He has brought many smiles to the faces of those on the receiving end of his loving little arms.

He is quick to laugh, works hard to keep up with his big brothers and adores his little sister...most of the time.

Happy birthday Greysonator. I love you bigger!


  1. 7 for sure seems more grown up, and just wait until 8...He'll grow another 4 or 5 inches at least!
    (and cool name btw)

  2. Happy 7th birthday Greyson.
    Have fun celebrating.
    Such a sweet post, (((Ang))).

  3. Before you know it he will driving and dating girls... something we are dealing with right now...
    Great news our way read my blog..

  4. Happy birthday to your guy! I know what you mean about 7, it does sound more grown, how sad for us when that happens. Thanks for stopping by my blog and being in the contest for the planner. I pick a name tomorrow, good luck to you!


  5. Ooo- seven was hard. Now in October, my baby turns EIGHT!! I want this growing to stop! love, Jess

  6. Say it ain't so... Milo will be 7 in October. I want him to still be my baby. :sigh: I can see the signs already - it isn't going to happen, is it? LOL


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