Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chinese acrobats and boiling frogs

Spinning. Twirling. Balancing. Watching the Chinese acrobats perform amazing gravity defying acts can leave you almost breathless.

Apply this same principle to my life - not so amazing.

Have you ever felt you are trying to keep too many "plates" spinning? Forget an appointment...oops, there's a chip. Forget your friend's birthday...yikes, that plate fell.

If I didn't know better, I would swear I had some form of Alzheimer's. I can't seem to remember anything these days unless it is written down...then sometimes I write it down in the wrong place and forget I wrote it down! I have double booked myself more often than I care to admit lately. Just yesterday I completely forgot to show up for our homeschool PE group. This is not a new event...we've been meeting on Tuesday afternoons since the fall and I've forgotten two out of the last three weeks!

This morning I invited a friend over for coffee...during the same time I am suppose to be at the gym working out.

These are just a few of the plates that seem to be threatening to fall lately. Apparently I either need to get rid of a few plates, or practice my juggling skills a bit more.

This time last year we were still sifting through boxes and trying to find the grocery store. We had gone from busy and involved to quiet and completely uninvolved. Looking back, I see how unhurried life was and how much less stress I felt. Much like the frog in the pot of water, the busyness has crept back in again.

Wow...I'm just full of analogies at 6:00 a.m. this morning. Chinese acrobats and frogs...hopefully the acrobats aren't juggling the frogs, but in my case that wouldn't surprise me.

How do you keep all your plates spinning? Do you ever feel you've taken on too many plates?


  1. Dear Angela,
    A few years ago I started feeling like this. Some very dear older women in the community asked me to be on the National Day of Prayer committe for our area. They told me the meetings would only be once a week and would last only one hour (they planned starting in September and brought in National Speakers). I know they meant well; but the meetings were 3 hours long as all of the women shared ideas, we prayed and then went to lunch. My heart continually tugged me towards home and our homeschool. Then it turned into a birthday club and we'd go out to lunch for each other's birthdays. The fellowship was sweet; but I was just tooooooo busy. Freedom came for me when I said, "No, I am not able to serve on the committee this year." I know there will be time for committees, and morning Bible Studies. But for me, right now, in this season of homeschooling high schoolers I need to be home.
    Like you, I forget a lot of things. I need to eat more spinach, I guess. : )
    Happy Day!

  2. I feel like that daily. My blog is filled with gripes of it! At some point I hope that I will just stop... but honestly when we drop things (social committee) then we just pick up new things to take its place. After this happening so many times I have come to realize that I like to be this busy. I like to gripe, but honestly, I like to feel needed... IT IS CRAZY! I should probably seek professional help for it... have a great day!

  3. Do I ever feel that way?
    Uh, yeah!!!
    But I'm learning to say NO, and it helps. There are so many "good" things we could be doing, but too many and they start becoming less "good." Know what I mean?


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