Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring cleaning - I have no choice

Jennifer over at Zaankali's Adventures just posted great before and after photos of her daughter's room. The spring cleaning bug has definitely bitten that girl.

I have no choice. I must clean my house. I don't have time to wait for the spring cleaning bug to hit. The only itch I've been having recently is the one I got when I realized the pool opens in seven days. That got me excited.

Back to why I must clean...we are having out of town guests on Wednesday staying for several days. Now granted, these are great friends and they don't particularly care what my house looks like, but there is nothing like a house full of people to make you look at those piles and cobwebs in a whole new light.

Speaking of light, I think I'll just pray for cloudy weather so the sun won't shine through my dirty windows...or I could just keep the blinds closed.

I did mop my floor tonight. Of course that was because my six year old dropped a glass jar of applesauce which exploded all over the kitchen. Did I mention the glass jar was FULL? And that half the applesauce went UNDER the fridge? Necessity is the mother of invention? Nope. Necessity is the mother of the urgent.

Kitchen floor clean - check. What are the odds it will stay that way until Wednesday? About as good as BSU winning a game in the NCAA tournament.

Enough rambling for tonight. I need to go clean something before bed.


  1. What a surprise to see me mentioned on your site. I feel loved. The cleaning bug is coming and going here. It is more my desire to finish what I said I would do that is keeping me going. I hate to quit.
    I need to hurry and get through it though because I will be having a baby shower for my sister soon. Ahhh!

  2. Just when I was planning on cleaning today a friend called to invite Bethany and me to go to Chili's for lunch.
    Guess I'll clean tomorrow! : )
    Sorry about your Broncos. My Hurricanes are out too.
    Davidson, where my in-laws live, won big yesterday. I'm happy for them.


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