Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pray without ceasing

We take every opportunity we can to teach our children the power of prayer.

Today during a rousing game of Candyland, my three year old burst into spontaneous prayer. "Oh Lord, help me make it to the Candy Castle!"

That made God smile.

Yes, she is learning to pray in all situations. By the way, He heard her prayer and she made it to the Candy Castle first.

That made me smile.


  1. Thank you for leaving me get well wishes last week! We are finally feeling well, and I hope that your family is feeling better also.

    Have a wonderful week!...and enjoy playing Candyland!!

    Abundant Blessings,

  2. Little Emma, has been watching and listening to her mommy pray!
    Lord, may she grow into a beautiful woman of God.
    Happy Day!
    Julie D.

  3. And your re-counting of this story made ME smile. *grin*


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