Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Total lunar eclipse TONIGHT

Why not do some science tonight after dinner? Step outside and check out the total eclipse of the moon.

A lunar eclipse is when the moon, Earth and sun are all in perfect alignment. This alignment casts the Earth's shadow on the moon, blocking out the light of the sun. The moon may appear red, as bits of light given off by the Earth's sunrises and sunsets reflect around the edges of our planet.

Events like this are just one more bit of evidence of an amazing, perfect Creator.


  1. Dear Ang,
    We were able to enjoy the lunar eclipse. So beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  2. Did you see it? We went out in the bitter cold and watched it while shoveling snow and playing with the puppy, in pjs. Isn't homeschooling wonderful? :)

  3. We wanted to see it, but unfortunately, we had too much cloud cover. The local weather man had mentioned that he was afraid we wouldn't get to see it due to the clouds and impending winter storm, but we went out to look for it anyway, but didn't see it. Oh well... we did get to see pictures of what it was supposed to look like...LOL

    And I agree, events like those are just more proof that the world was created by an amazing God!


  4. Last night in the van I saw a bright and big moon. Later my husband told me about the lunar eclipse and invited me to the window to take a look. (WAAAAAAY too cold to go outside to see it.) I looked out the window and he said, "Do you see it?" I told him I couldn't see anything and he said, "See, it's eclipsed!" LOL
    Then he helped me look again, and I did see it this time. *grin*

  5. We had clouds last night, so we missed it! I was a little disappointed since it was occurring so early in the evening and all the kids were up!


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