Tuesday, February 5, 2008

When Mom ran

Ran around all morning attempting to finish school by lunch. Didn't happen.

Ran to Wally World to get a new ball for the P.E. class.

Ran to the park just in time to begin kickball.

Ran to the car 10 minutes later in a downpour.

Ran home in a hail storm to find my windows open and my carpet sucking up water.

Ran to the attic to fetch the fans to dry the carpet that sucked up the water.

Ran to the kitchen to make two batches of cookies to deliver to yesterday's church visitors.

Ran to the store to fetch more flour to finish the cookies to deliver to the visitors.

Ran to my chair and SAT.


  1. While you were running I was sitting on our backporch doing school with Bethany and Samuel and actually got a sunburn in February!!! I had the flu last week into this week and it felt so good to be outside soaking up the beautiful sunshine.
    Hope you don't have to run as much today. : )

  2. That's a day where you need to SIT! :)

  3. Some days are like that! I hope your carpets recovered, and you too, of course.


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