Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Have we forgotten?

We all remember where we were the day the World Trade Center fell. The day the Pentagon became a memorial. The day, over a field in Pennsylvania, ordinary people became heroes.

In the days that followed, flags flew proudly and we stood together, united as no other nation on earth could unite. We loudly proclaimed, "We will not forget!".

Life has returned to normal for most of us since that fateful least for those of us who did not loose someone dear to us. We've gone about our lives, business as usual and once again taken for granted that we are safe.

Have we forgotten? Do we feel the same patriotism and connection to our neighbors we did that day? Does our heart well with pride and thankfulness when we see a soldier in uniform? Does our flag still wave proudly from every corner and building?

Sadly, I believe the answer is yes, we have forgotten to some degree. The horror we felt as we watched the towers crumble has become a distant memory. The pride that swelled in our hearts as we heard the words, "Let's roll" has faded.

For the sake of the 2,974 lives lost that day, we must not forget. For the sake of the children who will not know a parent, we must not forget. For the sake of the spouses who now sleep alone, we must not forget. For the sake of the parents who have outlived their children, we must not forget. For all of them - we must not forget.


  1. Yes. Remembering, and continuing to exist as though we are changed can sometimes be short-lived events.
    This is a good reminder. Thanks!

  2. Sister,
    How I love your writing.
    I miss you dearly.
    Hugs those sweet kiddos for me.

  3. Thank you for the reminder! I think so many people are focused on how they feel about the war today (from both sides) that they forget how we felt that day!


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