Friday, January 4, 2008

Picking up acorns

Our little Emma loves to walk around Grandad's farm picking up "applecorns" to throw in the pond. While we may not pay them much mind, these tiny acorns hold amazing potential. Inside each one is the beginnings of a mighty oak tree.

I was thinking today of the many friendships the Lord has blessed our family with, both here in Texas and back in Idaho. Starting over was a challenge and at times I felt like giving up. I can now look back and see many similarities between friendships and the tiny acorn.

Inside each new relationship resides the potential for something great. Like the acorn, the relationship must be nourished and given the proper nutrients if it is going to reach that potential. We can no more set an acorn on a shelf and expect it to become a towering shade tree, than we can ignore our friendships and expect them to flourish.

Like the acorn struggling to grow up, our relationships will at times be buffeted by bad weather. I can attest to the fact that the friendships that have weathered the storms, in most cases, come out stronger as a result. Difficulties have a way of drawing us to one another. The common ground strengthens our roots.

Thankfully, we continue to enjoy the fruits of our "oak tree" relationships that have grown steadily over the years. Though many of our new Texas friendships are still in the acorn stage, God is so faithful to encourage us. We are thrilled to be putting down deep roots as the Lord allows us to nourish our little acorns of friendship.


  1. Your new blog looks very nice. That is a great correlation. I think I will mention that to the kids about our relationship with God too. I really like that about so many things from friendships to marriage to Jesus. Good Stuff thanks for sharing. I will have to move you to my links section with the others who went to blogspot;)
    @hsb SeekingJesusnTeachingKids

  2. I look forward to someday not being so transient as we are in our military life stage right now. But I know that even the acorn sized relationships we build in two year intervals often are revisited down the road and have survived their "hybernation." Heaven will be a fascinating experience...a culmination of all those in Christ we've loved and left behind.
    I've begun a blogspot blog here as well! It's in its fledglin stages, but hope we'll be blogger buddies...

  3. Beautiful post Angela. The Lord has been so faithful to bless us with dear friends in our 22+ years of marriage. I love the quote in After the Boxes are Unpacked: "Though time and miles may separate us, I have built a bridge of lovely memories to span the difference."


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